Conference is here!

Where did the last 6 months go?! Are you ready for this weekend? For those that don't know, 2 times a year The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints {aka the Mormons} holds a "conference" for the entire church.

{At sunset} I took this last weekend as we were leaving the Conference Center. Love it.

Thousands of people head to the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake to hear the words of God through church leaders. Most of the other 13 million members all over the world hear the speakers by satellite broadcast. Here's the link if you'd like to listen in!

I personally look forward to the inspiring messages about all aspects of the Gospel of Jesus Christ...including how to be a better mother, wife, & person. The hard part is keeping the kids busy so that I can actually hear the what is being said. So, for those who may also be in a similiar situation {good luck to you all!}, here are a few links I've found of fun conference activities for kids!

{Conference Notebook} This one is from the Church's website & so of course it is great.

{General Authority Memory} We love these.

{Conference Packet} Here's another packet with all sorts of activites for kids courtesy of Looks like fun! It even includes coloring pages from The Friend at the end.

{Conference Baskets} I found this link last April, but I think its so great I wanted to post it again. What a great idea!!

{Bingo Cards} Here are some fun bingo cards! I love to use these during Sacrament Meeting too. We use cheerios, m&ms, fish crackers, or anything else we have on hand.

We also like to play different variations of bingo puting a treat on every square, and then when they say the word you can eat the treat!

{Coloring Pages} Here a link to a site that has some more coloring pages.

You can also find ALOT more ideas at SugarDoodle. Hope you have a great conference! If you have any other ideas that you love please feel free to leave them in the comments!

PS Just so you blog is currently "under construction". I'm trying to get these tabs on the top to work, but it may take a while. It should be fun when they are done though!:)


Jenn said...

I love the Bingo cards. I am printing some for Sundays session. Thanks for the link.

Anita said...

I used your conference ideas for April conference, and kids have been asking me to make them some more packets for this conference. Which I was planning on, by the way. And get our "General Conference" treats that they can earn for completing pages, being good, etc. Every 15 minutes they can get a treat for sitting quietly. Bonus for them. Too much sugar for me! But it makes conference that much easier!

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