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My real treasures.
I love nothing more than to hear the words, "Mom, can I cuddle with you?"

{About Bob}
The Man of the House.  He loves to coach football, eat Thai food, go to movies, & play with his boys.   Love him.

{About Ethan}
This guy is my little buddy. I LOVE spending as much time as I can with him.  1st grade rocks.  Learning Mandarin via a dual immersion program at his school keeps him on his toes & he loves to sit us down for "school" and "teach us.  ;)

He loves legos, swimming, cutting anything, swinging by himself, and wrestling with his little brother.

{About Aidan}
Where do I start? He loves throwing and chasing balls, eating, running away from me, and doing exactly what I ask him not to. His smile makes my day.  Although he's a bright little guy he's in a "special needs" preschool for a speech delay challenge.  Fortunately, words are coming and frustration is slowly melting away!


Maggie said...

What a great blog you have! I just recently discovered the world of craft blogs and now I'm addicted. I find myself searching and searching for neat crafts on everyone's blogs. Your blog is super cute and you have some great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

john and jess said...

My 15 year old daughter is making one of your owls right now, we are so excited to find such an awesome blog! Thanks Toad!
Jess (mom) and Kayla

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