Blasting the Water Goal!

God bless these babies.

{above} Haitian orphans

Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

I'm so excited about the great response from so many to help donate bottled water to Haiti! Originally my goal was to get 450 bottles, but due to the generous donations of YOU we are already up to 1300 plus bottles! That means potentially 1300 people could get nice, clean drink of water!!

Many of you have chosen to donate $ which is GREAT. Just donating $4 buys 35 bottles helping 35 different people! On Tuesday we will take Bob's truck to Costco and load that baby up!

So I say, why stop now! Let's shoot for 2000!! If you'd like to help you can click on my paypal button to make a donation or contact me {} and I would love to come pick up the bottles. Please don't feel like you have to give alot...$4 goes a LONG way for this cause.

And while I'm gathering water I'm sure you're wondering what the boys have been up to...
Well, we are in the middle of decorating Ethan's room to a Jungle theme! Aren't these vinyl animals so cute? I got them from Letter Express it, and Ethan LOVES them.

And speaking of my little monkeys...
It got up to 51 degrees yesterday so we went to the park! Although their noses were running, and their hands were getting frostbit they loved running around! {Check out Aidans hair! Wild man I tell you!}

Anyone else ready for warm weather?

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Janette said...

Hey you are awesome! I totally want to help you. Nate and I feel like we want to help so bad. Nate was possibly thinking of going to haiti because he speaks that language and he's a paramedic but the people that he was going to go with said right now they wouldn't need him yet.( and he needs a visa) anyway! You are awesome!

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