Help the Haitians! {Donate bottled water!}

Like many of you, I've felt a little helpless not knowing what I could do to help the people of Haiti...especially the children. While serving an LDS mission in NJ I met so many wonderful Haitians who now live in the US, and grew to really love and appreciate them. There is NOTHING like a good pot of Haitian rice!!

My ideal way to help is to adopt one or two little ones, but since adoptions have been put on hold (you can read about it here) I guess I'll have to put that dream on hold for now.

I'm so excited though...I came across this great way to volunteer to help!! This really is an ideal way for all of you local to SLC to help out in a way that could really make a difference...


The next shipment goes out Feb 5 and my goal is to get at least 300 water bottles donated. If you are interested in donating that would be wonderful. Just do the following:

1. Email me and let me know you'd like to donate.
2. I'll respond and we'll set up a time that I can come and pick up the bottles.
3. I'll deliver all the donated water bottles to Feed the Poor UT so they can be shipped in the next batch going to Haiti on Feb 5!


{PS I just changed my goal to 450 bottles! Please donate!:)}

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JaNece said...

All I can say is "Sac paseh" (or however you spell it). I can still smell Sister Pyrum's rice. Mmmmm. I'm so excited to help out with this. I was hoping to pay through paypal. Does that work? I'll email you and let you know. THANKS girl, you're awesome!!!

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