Monkey Mania

I told you I had a few "crafty projects" coming your way! And although I don't have the pattern/tutorial finished for this one yet, I couldn't help but post a picture of this great fleece monkey hat! Ethan and I just finished it about an hour ago and I LOVE it.

{Ethan actually helped play with Aidan so we could get it done!}

It was SUPER easy. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the pattern and instructions posted for you to download, because I can't wait for you to make one too!

The entire hat is made of fleece scraps that I had. As you can see, I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to sewing. Details usually KILL me, but this was so fast it was the perfect project for me.

Another great thing is that you can adapt it to make a bunch of different animals! {A few of which I'll try to add to the pattern for ya!}

And speaking of monkeys! We could just stick these two little guys in a cage at the Hogle Zoo as a special attraction...

What am I going to do with this little one? The other night I walked into the bathroom to get the boys out of the tub, and a sopping wet washrag came flying at me and landed right on my shirt...drenching me. You'd think it was my 5 year old...but no, it was this wild baby:

This would be an attempt to get a picture of the monkeys together...that's Aidan's "I don't think so" face:

I know this next picture is not totally focused, but I love it. You can see that this 17 month old is intense at whatever it is he's got going on...

And I can't help but LOVE him.

But back to Aidan's wild ways. Check him out as Bob lights and relights his candles {for him}. Warning! If you haven't seen Aidan in a while---these pictures show how much he's really growing up!

Bless that babe. And bless me to be able to figure out how to deal with him.


Tanya said...

oh my gosh aidan looks like a totally different kid! to cute. love the had ha makes me giggle.

. said...

Em, the hat is adorable. You are my idol. Also, the pictures of Aiden laughing as Bob lights the birthday candles? too funny. Hootie was the same way. He LOVED the fire!

aunt choody said...

I can't wait for the tutorial. I'm digging through my scrap pile to get ready. The "I don't think so" face I have seen on your dad for sure!

jordan parke said...

i'm really enjoying your blog. sorry i haven't called, in phoenix. let's catch up. jord

Alaina @ Three Ladies and a Dad said...

Oh my gosh...I love your blog! I just found it and will attempt to start crafting more. Plan on me coming back soon!

Unknown said...

Alaina, you made my day. Come visit anytime!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

What a cute little boy! Love his smile!

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