Valentine's Yum & the wild Wii-men

I know it seems a bit early for Valentine's Day, but you know how fast every little "holiday" will come and go! This was a post from last year, but since I didn't know most of my new blogging friends I thought I share it again! Here's a fun {and yummy} little Valentine's treat for ya! Just click on the heart brownies to see how we made them...

And now...
What do you get when you cross a 17 month old, 5 year old, 93 year old, and you throw in a Wii? Wild Wii-men of course! Don't believe me? Well, see for yourself! ;)

Yes, Aidan's middle namesake {Aidan Marden}--his 93 year old great grandpa--likes to play the Wii. I wasn't sure if he'd take to it at first...when you get older your get a little more "shakey" and that darn sensor can make you a bit crazy! But as you can see...

I think he did like it! Ethan was advised by grandpa to put more hair on head as he created Grandpa's Mii. My littlest sister Steph went 3 rounds of 9 holes of golf with Gramps before they took a break Saturday night. When he sat down for a rest, Grandpa picked up a book he had been ready and said, "Those games can really keep you from your reading!"

Since Grandpa still golfs every Monday I think it may have been his favorite game on the Wii, but bowling and billards weren not far behind! He was a good sport about Ethan's competitive nature {can't imagine where that came from} and played most of the games...including tennis, ping-pong, and the cow riding.

I love this man. And no, his shirt is not vintage...its just worn out. He told me that the only thing new he's wearing are the socks we went him for Christmas.

He misses my Grandma terribly. {She passed away in 2006.} We decided to visit her grave after church on Sunday and it was a good experience...I loved telling the boys all about "Grammie"! She was a fun, fiesty, woman who LOVED kids. She always made you feel so loved and special.

I had to throw this picture in...who's leading this parade anyway?:)

And finally, a sweet picture of Grandpa and his friend Shirley (sitting) and her daugher (standing). He met Shirley at the nursing home where Grandma spend her final days. {Grandpa had taken wonderful care of my Grandma as long as he could, but towards the end she required more help than he could give.}

Grandpa and Shirley became friends and she actually ended up getting baptized! Grandpa still goes each week to visit her and make sure she is doing well. She is a sweet lady and it was nice to see her.

Okay, all of this talking about Grandma and Grandpa have gotten my wheels turning...I think I should put together a Biography of Grandpa's life! I'd make it as a photobook. What do you all think? Anyone ever written a biography before? Any tips? Um, and does this count as Family History?:)

And for all of you "crafy" friends come back and visit again soon...I have a some fun ideas in the works! If only there was more time in the day!


the thrifty ba said...

i LOVE this post abut your grandpa! my husbands grandpa looked almost exactly like yours (he was just months away from 99 when he passed). and he walked 18 holes of golf 2 weeks before he passed away-old men and their golf! they are so cute!
and you are going to think im stalking you but i think he was burried in the same place as your grandma...
small world.
enjoy that sweet man all you can-your kids will love the memories!

Janette said...

your Grandpa is so sweet. I think that would be a great idea for a photobook. I've never done anything like that either, but it sounds genius...

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