No Christmas Card? No worries!

I don't know about you, but the past few days I've gotten a bunch of Christmas cards in the mail. Some were from friends that I sent Christmas cards to, but I've also received several cards from people who I didn't. {You know, the ones that I didn't have an address for, forgot about, or didn't think to send a card to...}

So instead of waiting until next year like I usually do, I decided that I'll just send out a Happy New Year's card! {I actually got the idea from a email that someone sent to asking if I made New Year's cards because she never got around to sending Christmas cards! Thanks for the idea!}

How did I do it? If you have photoshop its a breeze...all you have to do is tweak your Christmas card a bit! For those that missed my post on Christmas Photo Postcards I bought my templates from The Shabby Shoppe. {Love it.}

If you don't have photoshop that's could just print a few 4X6 pictures of your family and write "Happy New Year" on the back!

And if you'd like I can make it for you. {I have way too much fun doing it!} It will be easy 1) Pay your $5 using the button on the right side of the blog, 2) Let me know which card you'd like {from the options above}, and 3) email me the pictures you'd like to use. {}

Then I just put it together for ya & email it back to you ASAP! {You can order your own prints or just print out the cards on cardstock and mail them as postcards if you'd like!}

And if you haven't recieved a Christmas Card from me can act surprised when you get your New Year's Card in the mail.:)

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Tanya said...

these are too cute! seriously what a great idea.

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