Who's is Toad?

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{The Toad}
As a baby, my Gma J said I looked like a little toad swimming in the water when I took a bath...so as you may have guessed...I was nicknamed "EmmyToad". 

{My Bio}
I was raised in the Northwest, but now live in Utah. I was the oldest of 6 kids {most of whom you'll read about on my blog} and after serving an LDS mission I graduated from BYU.  

Studying Abroad in Jerusalem 2000 with Marci Fish Odgen (left)

With my younger sister Margo

A few years later {although I was only 28 it seemed like FOREVER} I was set up on a blind date with my husband & since then my life has never been the same!  I loved my career in management before I had 2 babies, and now I'm at home running a business from a product I created called Camera Coats.

I love a good workout, learning about photography, my patient & hardworking husband, my 2 tadpoles, the Cheesecake Factory{Yum}, & the Oregon coast. I hope you enjoy my blog and a few of my "treasures"!

I love taking pictures. I have Nikon D40--the old school kind...I think they call it the D3000 now.  I learn as I go.  You know, the good old fashioned way!

About 4 years ago I sat reading the instruction manual to the sewing machine I had gotten for Christmas.  I was trying to figure out how to thread the darn thing. 

I couldn't read a pattern or follow most online tutorials to save my life.

So, I just started playing and creating things that I could.  Now I love to create fun little useful things, take a few pictures, and invite everyone else to join me in my fun.  It really is a great outlet for me.  My girlfriends from high school still can't believe I'm sewing, and I'm lovin' it!

Feel free to contact me at toadstreasures@gmail.com with any questions!

Emily AKA Toad ;)

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Ballentines said...

Thank you for giving me hope for sewing! My mom and grandma are so good but I need some help. Maybe I'll ask her a sewing machine this year so that I can make my baby boy (2 years old) some fun stuff! I really like your blog!

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