Your Grandma will LOVE you.

What grandparent wouldn't want to show off a cute photo valentine?! Once again I've been a wild woman with my "4X6 photo postcards"...this time they are for Valentine's Day!

Once again, here are the super easy steps to get your card:

1) Pick which option is your favorite from the choices below.
2) Pay $5 through payal. {The button is on the right sidebar.}
3) Email the picture(s) to me at & any specifcs info you'd like to add to the card.
4) I email you back the finished product (ASAP) for you to have fun with! You can print them out at home or get prints made. They make GREAT postcards. Super fun.

FYI- I only charge the $5 to help cover my costs of supplies and my time. I wish I could just sit and make each one of you a card! I'm not kidding.:)

Here you go!
Option 1 {The multi-picture} Find 4 fun pictures and tah dah!

Option 2: {Sweet birds} So cute.

Option 3: {Kids card} Your child will LOVE to see their face on this card! Its a fun, original valentine to give to all of their friends!

Option 4: {Classic} Simple and classy. Stick this one on the plate of valentine's cookies to give to your family friends.

Questions? Email me!

Coming soon...a yummy family favorite treat recipe and another simple sewing craft!! Night time is my fun time!:)

PS All materials for the cards were purchases at The Shabby Shoppe. Love it.


Lindsey said...

These are so cute! I will totally do this if my baby boy is born before Valentines day :)
He is due any day now...but I feel like it will never happen!

Lori said...

Emily, how do you do all you do?! Seriously! WOW! I love your style and ideas. I'm glad you got so many water bottles. Very cool! LOVE the Valentines postcards. I've never thought to send something out like that (I think I'm still recovering from Christmas cards!).
Lori Somm. Heemeyer

Tanya said...

these cards are too cute!

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