Once there was a snowman...and his maker

Once there was a snowman...but before he could exist he needed a determined snowman maker.

This little snowman maker was encouraged by his grandfather who is very wise and experienced in the snow. They both knew that the snow was just right for making a really great snowman and couldn't pass up the opportunity. So, out came the shovels!

Now, this snow was very wet and heavy...so they packed it in a garbage can and tipped it over to make a nice big snowbody.

Every aspect of this snowman was taken very seriously.

And several discussions by the "makers" took place throughout this process...

But in the end there were 3 happy guys...Will, Ethan,

and Mr. Snowman!!

However, this little creator was not satisfied with just a snowman...he had to make a snow angel too!

And he liked it.

And he was happy. {And his mom loves this picture.}

The End.


Aimee said...

That is one HUGE snowman! What a cool grandpa. Don't you just look at your kids when they are with grandparents and think how precious those relationships are? And you got some great pictures so when Ethan is older he can look back and remember how awesome his grandpa was! Love this post!

Tanya said...

that is too cute. i love the picture where ethans grandpa is pointing at you. ha ha.

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