Save$$: Christmas Photo Postcards!

Debating on whether or not to send out Christmas cards this year? I love getting cards from the friends and family especially those that I don't see very often. But a stamp, PLUS the cost of a card or can really add up fast! Even if you Costco's deal of $14.99 for 50 cards it is still around $.72 for each card you mail.

If {like me} the thought of mailing 14 cards for about $10 makes you cringe but you'd still like to send a card to people--here you go! How about a photo postcard?! It will cut your costs almost in half...or even nothing if you just send it as an Ecard!
Christmas Photo postcards!

What is a photo postcard? A 4X6 picture of your family that you send as a postcard in the mail! You can even write a little note on the back if you want to.

Step #1 Get a photo.
Find a picture you like enough to mail to your friends and family. I know this can be challenging, but if you don't have one...get one! You'll never regret having a recent family picture--even if its just a snapshot.

Step #2 Create a card!
There are several ways to do this. I just made mine in Photoshop Elements. If you don't have Photoshop you can use photo places like Shutterfly or Snapfish to "edit" your photos... or add a border, writing, etc. Its really not that hard, & you can create a fun, unique card that people will love to get!

Note: If you're interested in a little help just email me.  For $10 I'll put your photocard together for you. Just email me: for details.

Step#3 Order 4X6 prints
You can do this just about anywhere, but I got mine for super cheap at!  I just upload my picture as a postcard and I have more than enough for my photocards and to put on my neighbor gifts. 

You can also just get prints at I just uploaded them online --they have a 1 hr service--and picked them up the next day.

Note: They need to be 4X6 to be considered a "postcard" for the postal service. You can get more details at the USPS website.

Step#4 Get a postcard stamp
This is where you really save $$! Buy postcard stamps for $.28 each. Oh yeah!

Step #5 Mail that card!
You just address it, stamp it, and mail it as you would any other postcard!

And TahDah!
Its a great way to keep in touch with people {like your great uncle Harry, your friends from college, your old neighbors}, and let them know you are thinking about them. I'm sure it will make their day to see your face smiling when they get the mail! {Hint, hint...should I post my address so you can all send me one?:)}
PS That's not all you can do with photocards! I have another fun idea that I'll share with you soon!


Janette said...

Wow. How do u think of these things. I'm going to try this for sure!!!

Lindsey said...

Great idea! Now...if only you were a little closer to Portland, Oregon :) I need a family picture taken so I can do this!

chelsea said...

Great idea. I love it.

Did you print them like regular photos or on some other paper?

Unknown said...

Great question! I printed at Costco onto regular photopaper with a matte finish. However, I bet you could just print them on cardstock at home too! I've mailed postcards that way before and haven't had a problem.

Have fun!

aunt choody said...

Thanks for the info. We have never done cards before- but it looks like its time to start!

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