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Taken by Tanya December 2008

Since I'm using my blog as a form of a journal I thought I'd post a few things Ethan has said & done this past year. These are the types of little things that I never want to forget. (Please do not feel like you need to read all of these! Its more for us than for anyone else!:)

-One day I had gone to get my hair cut, and when I got home Ethan came running around the corner and without looking at me said,"I like your haircut" and then ran away. I followed and asked him why he said that and he casually, "Dad told me to."

-When we were planting our garden I was reading the directions out loud and read that we plant the seeds every 3 feet. Ethan responded in despair, "But I only have 2 feet."

-One day as we were driving Ethan started asking all of the "why" questions I had heard so much about. It started with "What's under the road?". And followed with, "What's in a tree?", "What's in an engine?", "How does a car door open?", & "What do bugs eat?" That was when I started saying,"You'll have to ask your Dad about that one."

-"Did you bring money today?" Ethan will sometimes ask this as we drive in the car. I assume its because when he asks for things at the store I often tell him he can't buy it because I don't have any money.

-After we talked about why Bob goes to work Ethan asked, "What's your job mom?" . I told him it was to stay at home with him and Aidan. Then he said "Yeah, Dad's the rich one."

-After a bath one night I told Ethan to go get his jammies on. I went to go to the bathroom in our master bath and the next thing I know Ethan come marching by the door singing at the top of his lungs and he was buck naked. Well, mostly naked...he did have a yellow crown he made at preschool on his head.

-After Aidan was about 2 months old I had to start using a breast pump instead of nursing. (See previous post for more info) A few funny things came up because of this...
#1 Ethan now assumes that when you have a baby you have to "pump". We were watching TV and a woman had a baby. Ethan automatically said, "Well, she has to pump now."
#2 Ethan will often want my help while I'm pumping. I ask him how I can do what he wants when I'm holding the pumps. One day he said, "Mom, I'll hold it for you" & proceeded to hold the pump so I had a free hand to help him.
#3 Just hearing him say "breast pump" is a little funny.:)

-"Mom, your hair is beautiful." He just randomly said this one day.:)

-As we were getting ready for our night prayers I asked Ethan if he wanted to say it...he told me I could but it couldn't be a long one. After the prayer he said that I said a "long long prayer" and next time to say a "short long prayer".

-When Aidan was a few weeks old Ethan was looking at him one day and Aidan randomly lifted his hand and hit Ethan's. Ethan was so excited and started telling everyone that Aidan gave him a "high 5"!!

-One day a few months ago Ethan said, "Mom, you aunt jammima'ed me". I finally figured out he meant "interupted" me. He also referred to the those who bring gifts at Christmas "elephants and Santa".

-It was sweet when Aidan was a few days old he asked to hold Aidan because "I haven't held the baby for a long time!"

-One day he was telling Bob and I about something and asked where he had heard it. He responded, ""

-One night he came running down and couldn't find his buzz lightyear pj's so he announced that we were to pretend that what he was wearing were his buzz lightyear jammies.

-One afternoon Ethan came downstairs wanting my help. He had tried to get a pirate boat to float, but it sunk in the bath. He had turned the water on so hot he couldn't get it out. I smiled to myself as I pulled the little pirates and their boat out of the water & wondered if one day I would miss these little moments.

-As we were having a Family Home Evening on setting goals for the new year I asked Ethan if he knew what a "goal" was. He responded by saying, "Yeah, like silver and gold!"

-I love to get and give Ethan "super silly kisses". This is when we give eachother rasberries on the cheek.

-I laugh every time Ethan says, "Bye Buddy, I hope you find your dad!" (From Elf the movie)

-I will also never forget how great he was while I was so sick with Aidan. I remember him starving & I couldn't get him anything to eat (if I got up I would puke)and he would just go to the fridge and get himself a go-gurt or whatever he could find.

He was so excited for me to have Aidan & also for me to be able to "bend over" again. One day he asked one of our friends if she could bend over. When she said "Yes" he asked her to help him put on his shoes.:) After I had Aidan he exclaimed, "Now you bend over again!"

He also asked his Sunday School (aka Primary teacher) if she could "help him with something". She said "of course Ethan, what can I help you with," & he replied, "we need to find a name for our baby. Do you have any?"

If I think of any more little moments I'll add them later. I love this little man. I'm so blessed to be his mom.


Jessica said...

He is such a cute little boy! I am so glad you remember all of that stuff. I need to be better at writing down. I always think I will remember.

the Skips said...

Oh Smith, those are awesome! Keep writing those down. Sounds like he has his mom's sense of humor! Love it!

Tanya said...

ha ha those were great! he really is one of a kind!

Christi said...

I am amazed that you kept track of all the cute little things he said! Now I wish I could have kept better track of things like that with my kids.

Brian said...

That is so cute. Love it. We as parents should do that more often I think. It would make parenting a lot more fun.

Brian said...

O yeah and I need to get me a "Tanya" she is awesome. As always LOVE the picture. You are lucky to have her!!

Hendricksonblog said...

My favorite kind of post!!!!

Tanya said...

I miss that Ethans. Uncle Travie loves him. - Uncle T

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