Just as good as Christmas

We had a morning like Christmas on Saturday. Trey & Tanya flew in Friday night...we were all so excited we could hardly stand it. After we picked them up we head to Starbucks for some white peppermint hot chocolate and then drove to see a street by our house that is decorated with a ton of lights. We sipped our cocoa and looked at the lights with our snowman glasses that we got at Zoo lights. I called it a magic moment. (Yes, its the simple things these days that bring a smile to my face!:)

On Saturday morning we woke up to snow , made the best oatmeal cookie pancakes, and our best friends were here. The boys had a blast playing in the snow and Tanya made a great hill for them to sled down.

We also went ice skating at a rink by our house. It was the boys 1st time and at first it was a little rocky. We didn't know if we would be leaving full of tears! But the boys did their darnest to learn how to skate and by the end were doing great! They didn't even want to leave. So fun.

We should have just told Ethan Saturday was Christmas. Its interesting how as we get older a real Christmas is less about gifts and more about Christ and family. I guess perfect holiday for us is really is just being with the ones we love the most.

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Tanya said...

i asked trey how much he had on that trip and he said "a million!"

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