Crazy weather

Growing up in western Oregon we loved when it would snow. Even an inch would mean school delays or cancellations because of the inability to keep the roads safe. (So early morning (5:45AM) seminary would be cancelled and we'd get lots more sleep!)
So as my family has been updating me on the weather conditions I couldn't help but think of all the high school students & my mom (who now teaches an early morning seminary class) jumping for joy.

Its been crazy snowy and icy there cancelling church today, giving my brother several days off work last week, closing the airport, trapping both of my brothers and their families as well as Marge at my parents house, & creating snowy fun that we all love.

My mom sent these pictures and I got such a kick out of them.

My brothers went into the shed or barn (who knows where they found them) and pulled out a purple sled and yes, a boogy board. Not being prepared for the weather they also hit the attic for any warm wear they could find...including the bright orange hunting hat pictured here.

Here's Marge (bundled in several items I have seen my dad wear before), rain boots (I'm sure they were the only thing that fit that he had at my parents house), & the boys hiking up the hill near our house.

Nothing like a fun day in the ice & snow. Wish I could have been there to ride that boogy board.:)


Brian said...

What a fun story!! I also love the amount of SNOW there is. Brian did tell me that although there is not a lot of snow in Oregon the ground is covered in A LOT of ice. So that is the scary part. So fun.

Janas Bananas said...

I love those pictures. I was thinking how crazy it is I remember my mom telling us when we were kids how everything would shut down when it snowed there...Now you know snow all too well don't ya!!!

swtelford said...

Hey, I still have some of the hats that my grandpa used to knit if your family wants some :) Do you remember the ones I'm talking about?

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