'Tis the Season

So I realize I'm a little ridiculous. I guess its my Recreation Management experience coming out. (Yes, Rec Management is a major at BYU & I got the best job ever after graduating...and yes it was hard to give it up to stay at home with my babies.):) After a fun birthday party in October we (okay "we" is really me, but Ethan didn't object & often called it his birthday party:)) thought it would be fun to have a Christmas party. So today Ethan had a little Christmas Party with a few of his friends. And it was so fun. I'm not sure who had a better time me or the kids.:)

I learned a few things from Ethan's b-day party in Oct. so I made this party 1 1/2 hours instead of 2 and planned alot more activities so that we weren't stuck with a lack of things to do at the end. However, this time we didn't have enough time to do all of the things we had planned! (Sorry moms-you could of gotten more shopping and errands done!)

The kids seemed to have a good time (especially since I kept telling them they were having so much fun). We colored, played games, did a craft (tin can pencil holders), had a fun lunch, frosted & ate sugar cookies, & had a gift exchange.
The highlight of the party was Santa! Well, he was the highlight for most...we had one sweet terrified gal shed a few tears (poor Erin):) & 1 who wanted a candy cane but didn't want to sit on Santa's lap (Ashlyn) (can you blame her?). We also had one little man (Ethan K)accuse his sister of being naughty (loved it), & about 10 minutes after Santa's arrival one smarty pants (cousin Trey) proclaim to all that Santa was really Bob because he had "spots"(aka freckles) on his face.

The gift exchange was also fun & most left satisfied with what they got. (But only after we reminded them several times (okay more than several) that the point of a gift exchange is to get a different gift than the one they brought.:) Love this age.

It was also fun to find most of a roll of toilet paper in the waste basket after the party...not sure what happened there.

All in all it was great. Maybe we'll have to make it an annual thing...well maybe.:)

PS A big THANKS to Steph for coming and helping!!! I couldn't have done it without you!!


Brian said...

You are awesome. I tell you you are one fun mom. I know my kids are jealous!!

M Smith said...

How fun! But I have to say... my favorite part is that all the kids are dressed in cold weather clothes except Trey and Ethan who are wearing shorts. hahaha :o) They really are related, aren't they?

Christi said...

That's funny that Ethan said his sister was naughty. Madeline does pick on him a lot. You're so nice for throwing this party!

Tanya said...

so i showed trey the picture of santa with and said "trey why is santas hair all over his eyes?" he said "ummm because it was bob!" thanks for the fun party! trey isn't so sad about missing the birthday party now.

melissa merrill said...

How fun you are such a good mom! I wish I could be like you when I grow up!

Aimee said...

Erin had so much fun! Even though the Santa thing was a little dramatic for her, she hasn't stopped talking about it. She tells everyone "the nice Santa was at Ethans house!" I still haven't figured out where she met a mean Santa, but I'm glad Bob was nice.
;) Thanks again for having her. I feel so blessed to have friends like you guys in our ward. You are a great example.

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