"I keep thinking about cutting this..."

We have a little obsessive compulsiveness running through our veins. It showed itself today when I saw Ethan eyeing these little pictures of Aidan. I asked what he was doing (because he was so still) and he confessed, "I keep thinking about cutting this."

This kid is a wild man with scissors. He can't control himself. I've had to hide his scissors from him several times already (and forget where I put them sometimes).

I told him that he couldn't cut the pictures, but then after a few minutes changed my mind & thought he could cut one off (hoping to curb his passion). As soon as I told him he could cut it his little voice said, "Mom, I already did." And this is what he showed me:

Next thing I know they were on Aidan's package (the only one under the tree-Ethan wrapped it and keeps begging me to open it now. Oh man.:)

We were also talking about the Nativity scene when Ethan asked for the baby Jesus' "nest". I figured he meant manger. Since we are always trying to find new ways to make the scriptures come alive & apply them to our lives(and not to be sacrilegious) "baby Jesus" really hit home when we added a little baby of our own...


Hendricksonblog said...

Maybe he will be a hairdresser. Bob could be so proud. I think he did a pretty good job cutting them

M Smith said...

oh my gosh i love it! my favorite part is that he just honestly and truly cannot control himself! i think he was crying out for help when he said "i keep thinking about cutting this." too good!

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