My Prince Charming...and I love Bob too

I had no idea that I could love a little man so much. Last Saturday Ethan went to a friends princess birthday party so he got to dress up at Prince Charming. He is so fun. I know that some parents and kids aren't really on the same page about things just because their personalities are different. But I feel so lucky that Ethan & I are the best of friends. I love spending my days with him. This of course does not mean that they are without conflict (or that I don't look forward to preschool), but just that we really like being together.

The other day he melted my heart when he told me that he wished he was older and I was younger so we could be together all of the time & our mom could drive us around. I'm so thankful to the Lord for sending me such a great little guy.

Ethan wanted to be an angel for the navity choir at church last Friday. I hope in 10 years he still wants to be an angel.:) I can hope can't I?:)


the Skips said...

what a sweet entry ms. emily. loved it....and i think i am going to go in and kiss my boys right now even though they're sleeping.

Siri said...

Ahhh. Cambrie is so my little buddy too. I will be so crushed when she starts first grade and is gone the whole school day. Such a cute age, though. So sad I missed you and Melissa. I love you both, and hope you and the fam have a very Merry Christmas!!

Tanya said...

ok he is the cutest thing ever! so sweet! love the costume.

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