We've got a 16 pounder

Aidan had his 4 month appointment on Friday and weighed in at 16 lbs 4 oz. Yes, that's a little big...75%. We may have a lineman on our hands.:)

Also-I'd like to you use my blog as a forum for a "leave the baby alone" campaign I'm on. Why is it that looking at a little baby is not enough for some people (especially kids)? Touching a little ones hands or face drives me crazy...especially during this time of year when there is so much going around.

Church is the worst. Kids & adults of all sizes and ages are like a magnet to babies. Sure shake hands with everyone and then come touch my babys hand & give him everything everyone has--who cares since you won't be the once up with them all night & paying each Dr. co-pay. Last summer I saw a 10 day old baby kissed on the face by a well intentioned woman & then 3 days later was sick.

Why is it that we ask before we touch someone's dog, but not their newborn baby? Yes, this is spoken from one who hates dealing with sick kids more than cleaning a toilet used by sloppy boys.

Enough said. Keep your hands to yourself.:)


Brian said...

I feel your pain. If you think one baby is hard try two!! People touch my babies all the time and it really does get old. Make sure I tell you a story about sick people touching your kids. It bugs!!

Hendricksonblog said...

Love that right next to that post is a pic of you kissing him........haaaaa

Unknown said...

mom are exempt of course.:) they get to decide which germs their babes will suffer with.:)

Lindsay said...

And don't rub my pregnant belly either. Personal space, people, personal space.

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