Rumor is true

{Heard a Rumor}
So I heard a rumor that if you just add a can of pumpkin to a spice cake mix {just the eggs, oil, etc.} it makes some good pumpkin bread cookies/muffins. So being a pumpkin cake/cookie/muffin lover,  I had to try it for myself...

 And the rumor was true.  These were pretty darn yummy. Thanks Shelli!

 {Although, I still LOVE my pumpkin bread recipe from scratch!}

{Barefoot Pirate}
If you could chose between being Buzz Lightyear or a rowdy pirate what would you be?

Aidan chose Buzz for the church and school parties, but then opted to be a fierce pirate for Halloween festivites...

And like most pirates he had some good 'ole belly laughs...

shed a few manly tears,

and shed a few more manly tears when he was really mad at his mama. 

But overall our little pirate was a good little 'matey.  One his grandpa would be proud of.

 And I felt completely safe all Halloween knowing we had the best Jedi ever on our side.

This Jedi is not only tough, but full of love. 

{He gave this to me the other day...we are saying that we love eachother.  Man I love this kid!}

Our resident Jedi also helped set the table without being asked!
{Bless his Sunday School teacher for teaching the kids about how Jesus served and how great it is to just help without being asked!} 

And I'm not complaining one bit about the napkin...

So from our little galaxy to yours...the pumpkin spice bread recipe rumor is true...and we hope you had a Happy Halloween!


ificould said...

Your posts always make me chuckle... love that you took pics of him crying (something I would do)... love that he set the table... and LOVE that napkin!! What cute kiddos. PS - I posted a link to a recipe just like this one and it's a weight watchers recipe. Each cookie is like 1 or 2 points. Great, eh?

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

LOVE the napkin! It's the thought that counts.

Erica {B is for Boy} said...

I teared up when I saw your son's picture he drew. What a perfect image of saying I love you!

Tamra said...

I make one with spice cake, can of pumpkin, 3 eggs, 1/3 cup oil, 1/3 cup water. It's super yummy and light. Just made it last night.

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