War of the Stars Party

{The SW Shin-Dig}

Get ready for a post that is out of this world.  I'm talking hyper-drive people.  And all because of this light-saber loving, dark side fighting, sweet young padowan {aka Jedi in training}.....

who turned 6--- and the life-changing Wii Lego Star Wars game he loves.

And if you'd like to see the "Behind the Scenes" look you can click on my post here.
{Galactic Goods}

Garbage bags {banner}, wrapping paper rolls {light sabers}, print on fabric iron-ons {for the t-shirts}, & sticker paper {party bags} served as great assests for these party creations!

{Cosmic Costumes}
Remember the post about Ethan proclaiming his love on day 12 of Kindergartern to a little girl whose name he did not know? Well, here she is as Queen Amidala. 
{If you haven't read or watched the prequels you'll have no idea who she is...3 months ago I wouldn't have either! Better go get the prequels.:)}

And who wouldn't love a gal who comes to your birthday party dressed to the nines?!  We think she's pretty cool.

For those who may not have a Star Wars obsessed child in your midst, Padme is Luke & Leia's mother.   Isn't it nice to know that everyone deals with a certain degree of family dysfunction?  I mean, her husband did become quite an evil guy and attempt to kill her son.;) 

{Exploring Adventures}

Space is vast. To accomplish difficult tasks {like scavenger hunts} one must have great energy and fast finding skills.

And work together as a team...

...to crack hidden codes!

Trying new things is vital to the success of any sort of space mission.

Although as times it may be a bit frightening,

there is nothing like overcoming your fears.

{Cosmic Creations}
Fine motor skills are crucial for training and development...

...as is having an active imagination.
{Remember these sweet cookie cutters from my last post? Big surprise---they were a hit.;)}

{Victory Over Our Visitor}
We had a special guest come to our party. Fortunately our young, brave Jedi in training had developed mad skills with this light saber.

Although it was a gruelling battle---

our fierce 6 year old not only conquered his worst enemy, but convinced him to be his friend.

And his friends were all very supportive. {And super fun!}

{Light Saber Love}Ethan: "Mom, I can battle 2 ladies at the same time!"

{Fun Times}

Couldn't have done it with out my sisters and our friend Dennis!
Thanks for all of your help guys!

{Pizza & Pumpkins}
 This post isn't quite finished.  And after the "kid" party came our annual pizza and pumpkins fun with the family!

Uncle Dave is a true carver.

Aunt Diane chose paint this year.

I opted out of pumpkins this time to try and make a few  Lego Star Wars characters pops. Leia was as far as I got.  I had high ambitions, but only after making one I only gained a better appreciation for Bakerella--who truly is the queen of Cake Pops.

{And despite this picture--Leia does not have a thyroid problem...that I know of. ;)}

{The Fam}
Even grandma Peggy visiting from 800 miles away enjoyed the festivities!

Cousing Hootie treated us to "Happy Birthday" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"...

and after the parties were all said and done, we had one tired, but happy little guy. 

As I put him to bed that night, I laid down by him, and we chatted about our favorite parts of the day.  He loved his new lego set of Luke's Landcruiser and I loved watching him have fun.

Happy Birthday Ethan. We love you.

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Stooph said...

happy birthday ethan!!!! i would call him but my phone is dead and i lost my charger... Yay for star wars parties!!!!

Daisha said...

You are one cool mom. We've never let any of our kids have a friend party yet . . . they are so deprived!

Jenn said...

This is waaay beyond awesome. I am so completely impressed. You are the best mom EVER!

Siri said...

No Way!!!! ... this is just too cool and too too cute! Way to go Mom!

Tanya said...

incredible! ethan is a lucky boy. i loved it all...down to dennis, grandma peggy, and that darth was amazing!

ificould said...

What an amazing party! You've got to be the best mom ever (and craftiest). Seriously, I got tired just looking at all the amazing things you did. I can't imagine how long you worked on that party. Wow, Ethan is one lucky kid.

Jennifer Ward said...

I love this party idea! And not only would my boys love it, so would their dad! I've featured your post in my Fab Finds Friday blog post at Babee Crafts.


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