Coolest Cutters Ever

{The Countdown}
Our little Padowon {aka Jedi in training} is turning 6.  I know.
Party planning here we come.  And if you have a Star Wars lover in your midst get ready.  Thanks to my brother Peter for introducing Ethan to the world of the "Lego Star Wars" and Aunt Tanya for donating us the Wii game--our lives are forever changed. 

I didn't see that one coming. 

You see, I thought my Star Wars days were over after the Halloween of 1985...

Yes, I was trying to be princess Leah. Yes, my mom made my costume. No, Ethan does not think I looked like Leah. And no, I do not know what was on my cheeks or why it it there.

Okay, you can stop giggling now.;)
{Cool Cutters}
Needless to say, when I saw these cookie cutters we had to get them.  Not willing to pay $7 online for shipping, I hauled the boys down to Williams-Sonoma.  Totally worth it.  Ethan was beside himself excited. {And Aidan didn't even break anything!} 

{Trial Run}
Of course we HAD to try out these sweet little guys, and look how fun!

They even came with their own recipe. 
{Although I'm not into crispy sugar cookies.  So when we make them for the kids to decorate and eat at the party, we'll use my's easier & makes softer cookies!}

Sorry Yoda.  Gave ya a little brown ear crisp. We'll work on that for next time!

And may the force be with us for the party this weekend!


Crafty Like Lindy said...

I have an almost 6 year old who is also obsessed with Star Wars and Star Wars Lego! I may have to get a set of these cookie cutters too! Thanks so much for sharing.

Crafty Like Lindy said...

Oh and a while back on there were a ton of Star Wars party ideas.

aunt choody said...

So fun, Isaac is having a star wars party too!

Jenn said...

The cookies are awesome!

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