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{Pete: The Video Making Genius}

I'm pretty sure one day my brother Peter will be on the A-List of film makers.  Even though this is a short clip of Aidan's 2nd birthday party, the talent shines through. From the catchy tune to great shots...Aidan is convinced that Peter is pretty much the coolest uncle ever.  Cousin Greyson and Aunt Mary aren't too bad either!:)

Thanks again Pete! Keep 'em comin'.

Aidan's Birthday from rockon81 on Vimeo.

If you missed it, you can see more of Aidan's party here.

If you missed them, you can see Peter, Mary, & Greyson on their blog here or go to my post when we went on a safari with them in Oregon in July.  XOXO--Toad


Janas Bananas said...

Cheese Balls..that warms my heart! I also loved the part with the kids coming over on the sidewalk by the house...How many videos do we have like that.. Man you always make me miss Swegle Rd.

LollyChops said...

WOW... he's amazing!!!! That looks like a real movie! heeh! WOW!

Dawn said...

So cute! Could you plan Kyler's party for me and bring your brother along to make a video?

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