Trashy Winner & Guessing Game

{Owl Beanie Winner}
Okay, even if you didn't win you can still make one!:)  Really, you can. 

However, if are comment #8 and the name by your comment is Trashy Betty you win!! And I love that we have a trashy winner!;) Congrats!

{Guessing Game!}
Now for a little game.
Question: Guess what is missing from these pictures I took outside today...

Answer:  You are!

I've decided to bite the bullet, put away my fears, and put myself out there.  Right now I'm taking a photography class and I'm getting antsy to put my new "skills" to work!

So if you're in the Salt Lake area and want some family pictures here's your chance!

The next 2 Saturdays I'll be taking family holiday pictures for a minimal price.  Sessions are 1/2 hour and will be taken at the great place I know that is pictured above.  I'll take as many pictures as possible, touch them up, and give you a CD with 20-25 of the best ones.   Just email me for more details if you're interested:

If not, no worries.  You can always get Ethan {my 6 year old} to sketch a portrait of you.  Last night he drew his brother Aidan eating popcorn and watching a movie.   I'm pretty sure he's open this Saturday and would give you a great deal.;)



Dawn said...

You're taking a photography class? How fun! I would totally take you up on that if we lived in Salt Lake or would be there in the next two weeks. I need new family pictures!

-Trashy Betty- said...

OOOhhh EMMMMMMMM GEEEEEE :) Im excited!!!! I loved that beanie so flippin much!!! :) And, photography = awesome!!

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