Peggy Was Here

Fall is such a fun time of year,

especially when Grandma Peggy comes to town! 

{Everyone want a piece of the action...cousin sean, diane, and even hootie!}

We always head to fun places! Park City is the fall is amazing.  And so are the Alpine Slides and roller coasters!

If you're not from around here, let me explain.

You see, you stand in line to ride the ski lift up the mountain:

And then you have the time of your life coming back down!

And even Stooph was in town to play with us!
{Fall Fun}
Do you think if we play hard enough we can get rid of a bunch of energy before winter? 

No? Darn it.

Oh well.
We've been having a fun time trying!

{XOXO Gram}
How cute are my grandma and aunt?

And how how silly are my boys?  Seriously.  I guess that's what I get for taking so many pictures all of the time. They see the camera and go crazy.

We had a great time Gram! Love and miss!

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