Off to Neverland!

This year for Ethan's 4th birthday he wanted to have a Peter Pan birthday party. It worked out great since the girls loved to dress up as Tinker Bell (or any other Disney princess)& the boys could dress up as Peter Pan or Captain Hook if they wanted to.

The invitations...
The only thing I wish I would have done was stick some "Pixie Dust" in the envelope with the invite so they could use it to get to "Neverland"!

We also dressed up for fun & the kids LOVED it (the parents got a chuckle out of it too:). The kids especially loved it when Captain Hook chased them around.
Pictured: Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, & little Schmee

The cake...
Since it was impossible to find a cake pan that looked like the island of Neverland,I made a mold out of tin foil and baked the cake in it.

A few fun details...
Instead of buying stickers of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell I just found some clip art online and printed them out on "sticker paper" & mail address labels! It was great because I used the stickers to decorate the cake (on toothpicks), the party sacks, the invites, and anything else I could think of.

Althougth I don't have pictures, I also did the following...

-We had the kids make swords (out of card board, tin foil, and electrical tape) and magic wands (out of dowls with plummer's piping wrapped around them) while we waited for everyone to arrive. They thought it was great.

-At the end of the party we had a "treasure hunt" and at the end they all got their "treasure" which was their party bags filled with stickers, treats, and pens.

-We played pin the "pirate on the map" aka Pin the tail on the donkey, "Peter, Peter, Pan! aka Duck, Duck, Goose, & had a little "cake walk" but we used candy and played music from the movie as they walked.

-I didn't decorate very much, but I didn't really need to! I just put up a few green streamers, signs with pictures from different parts of the Neverland Island (mermaid lagoon, skull rock, etc.), & got a tablecloth that looked like a treasure map.

We also made picture frames out of large popsicle sticks that I spray painted green, self sticking foam pieces, and a bit of glitter.

Then with the "Thank-you" cards we sent after the party was over we included a picture of themselves at the party that they could put in their frame. (Which I heard from several mothers have been taped to the wall by their child's cute.)

Everyone had a great time!

Then in the evening we had our "Pizza & Pumpkins" with family. It was a fun full day!!


melissa merrill said...

How fun! What a good mom you are. I wish I was half as good as you!

Tanya said...

looks like SO much fun! happy birthday ethan.

Aimee said...

What a fun idea! You are such a cute mom.

Janas Bananas said...

What a great Idea..I am even soo impressed you dressed up as well....That was wonderful for him I bet!

Tanya said...

"i like the castle that grandpa gave you. is that really captain hook?"


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