Aidan's Buzz&Woody Party

{Sweet Gig}
I learned a little lesson this weekend. You can really throw a heck of a party without photoshop!  I thought throwing a little party for Aidan {who turned 2 yesterday} without all of my party "supplies" at home would be a real struggle...but boy was I wrong! 

Simple, easy, and fun.  That was my goal. 

Homemade cupcakes rock.  So do ziplock bags & sprinkles in cool colors!

Stickers were the name of the game for decorating at this semi-last minute party. 

From making cupcake toppers...

{just sandwich 2 stickers with a toothpick}

to adding a few cute faces to the drinks...

to decorating drinking cups...

{this was a fun activity for the older kids}

I mean, from party bags, to invites, thank-you notes, etc.  You can't go wrong with stickers!

{The Goods}
I lucked out. At the beach I went into Bi-Mart {a Northwest store} and all of their party stuff was 40% off.   It was sweet.  I grabbed all I could find of Toy Story...tablecloth, stickers, streamers.  You just never know where you'll find good deals!

{Banner by Trav}
String, construction paper, and a stapler.  That's all it took! My brother Travis {Trey&Lucy's dad andTanya's husband} put it together for me while chatting on the couch, and it turned out so great!

I really liked it too because after the triangles were stapled to the string you could still adjust them where you wanted them to be!

Great job T-dawg!

{The Food}
With hotdogs as the main course...I mean, Aidan was turning 2 after all...I thought we'd better throw in some "healthy" food too. 

I recruited my sister in law Mary to make the fruit on a stick...didn't she do a great job?!

Aidan {hearts} ice from Sonic.  And really, who doesn't?

The spread...well, plus hot dogs and snow cones.;)

Then Aidan's party began. Complete with a bunch of super cute, super great kids!  Besides our awesome old friend Jen brought her 4 babes over!

{Jen's youngest Meili is too cute.  I could really eat her up.} 

So fun.

{Birthday Boy}
It's hard to believe it was 2 years ago that this little man joined our family!  Aww. Can I just tell you how much I love this kid?  His smile melts my heart, his messes make me crazy, and his running wears me out...and I still can't get enough of him.

{Love the Cousins}
Thanks for making Aidan's birthday so special you guys! 

{Mama's kisses}

"Binkie, bankie."..."MAAAAA!!!!"...'Toot toot!'....'Truaaaaa!'..."Dada!'

Our little Buzz and Woody lovin', fast runnin', brother wrestlin', train obessed, blueberry eatin', car seat hatin', baba drinkin', diaper despisin', sweet little man. 

We love you Aidan. Happy 2nd Birthday!  Love, Dad, Mom, and big brother Ethan

Take that photoshop!

{If you are looking for some more great Toy Story ideas here's a link to Living Locurto...Amy has a bunch of great ideas and free printables!}

In the mean time you can watch this sweet video my brother Peter made. He's awesome.
Aidan's Birthday from rockon81 on Vimeo.


mrs.newby said...

i love your little mans party! im doing my sons 4th birthday in toy story..megan from a ruffle in time sent me your way! thanks for all the great ideas! im following you now too :)

ChicChat said...

So Cute and Creative! Are you still in Oregon?

Unknown said...

yes, we are still in oregon but we'll be heading back soon...i think.:)

mrs.newby...i'm so glad you liked the post! i just saw some cute toy story stuff in the dollar spot at target too! good luck with your party!:)

SewSara said...

what a cute party!
max had a toy story party this year, too. it's really such a fun theme (without being too cheesy character-ish) :)

cute blog!

Unknown said...

Cute Toy Story party! I just had my son's 2nd birthday and I enjoyed looking at your ideas :)

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