Marion Berries 101

{A Blackberry Hybrid}
Across the street from my parents house are rows and rows of a unique, tasty berry...

It is called the Marion Berry. 

Ever heard of it?

It was actually named for the county it was developed in...and the one I grew up in...Marion County.  Over 90% of Marion Berries produced come from this area!  I know, and you thought I was the coolest thing that was raised in these parts!:)

These sweet little gems are best if they are picked when its a bit cooler in the AM.  Then they don't squish as much.  If you look out the front window you'll see the picking trucks going for it at night.  That way they get the berries just right!

To tell if they are ripe {beside tasting them} you can bend the berry's stem...if it comes off easily its all yours! 

Red=Not ready
Deep purple=Yum

The berries across the street are picked for if you see any frozen Marion Berries in your super market they may have been grown a stone's throw away!

{The Goods}

And what do we do with them?

And you thought I was joking about gaining 10 lbs.  Darn that Pioneer Woman and her blasted cheesecake recipe. ;)


the thrifty ba said...

i never had marrion berries until about 4 yrs ago when a friend gave me a jar of jelly that she did at the cannery.
oh. my heck.
it was so good! we didnt even let our kids have any, that is how much we love it~

Anonymous said...

We buy a 17 pound bucket every summer from someone in Relief Society (who gets is from a Rotary Club) for a very nice price. Then I get to freeze some, make jam, pies, syrups, dessert toppings and so much more! Glad to see that you have access to picking them fresh. Maybe next year I will be able to do that too. :-)

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