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{Hot, Clean, Running Water}
Ahhhhh. Just the thought of it makes me happy right now. 

After spending 4 days camping without electricity, internet {I know!}, or running water, I'm once again realizing how much I take for granted.  Few things compare to the feeling of a nice, hot soapy shower.    I will definitely being praising the Lord in my prayers tonight!

The boys were alot of fun to camp with...well, let me take that back.  Ethan was alot of fun to camp with. Aidan...hmmm....well, he doesn't quite get it yet.  If he wasn't running down the hill into another campsite, trying to drown himself, screaming, or digging in the dirt, he was usually "playing" in one of the cages oops, I mean cars.;)

These next pictures were taken about 10 minutes upon arrival...

Aidan's brain: "What could I do with this cool, huge pine cone I just found sitting here on the ground?"

Um, who just turned 2 last Saturday? 

{Hobo Dinners}
Ethan was thrilled to be able to create his own meal!

I think he was even more thrilled that it was actually yummy!  When we asked him if it was good he said, "Definitely."

{The Gang}
Before Trav and Tan headed off to Cancun they stayed and played with us.  And we were quite the group...

No make-up.  Hair pulled back. I love camping...

Trey: "Ethan, do you think sharks will bite our toes?"
Ethan: "Um, I don't really think so."

Trav won a trip to Cancun for being one of the top in sales at work. Wait, or was that top in making fishy faces?

Come on. We had to do it. Who doesn't have a picture like this in their family photo album?!

Look out Superman, Batman, or any other man who thinks they have lightning fast reflexes!  We've got Trey-Man!

{Fish Mania}

No Aidan, you can't eat the fish food.  No Aidan, you can't throw rocks into every body of water that you will mess up the ecosystem they are trying to create.  Yes Aidan, be sure to scream as loud as you can when we have to pick you up and carry you away. 

8+ years ago a fire burned through the forest right by where we were camping.  I konw, its so sad!  As a kid we used to camp at a nearby lake every summer-- and between the pine beetles and forest fire-- it will never be the same. 

One afternoon we took a quick trip into the closest town to get a few little things...

 #1) Mocking Jay...I thought it came out on the 10th.  Believe me I was so bummed.  I wanted to sit in the forest and be Catniss.:)

#2 Power Bait.  Trey was convinced if we got the orange and pink it was a done deal.  

#3 Ice Cream Cones.  This may have been #1 on the list if they didn't cost $2.75/scoop.  Lame-o.

I love how they've kept this western theme in the building architecture.  Ethan's been asking to go to the old wide west and I think this hit the spot!

While walking through town I had to stop in this cute fabric shop that Tanya had told me about.  As I saw this fabric projects began flashing right before my eyes!:)  These next few weeks I may have to get really crafty!;)

I thought this would make a cute picture...except when I saw Trey holding his nose.  Um, yeah....I'm awesome.;) 

{Lucy & Trey}
So while Trav and Tan headed off to white sandy beaches, clear blue water, and no sugar virgin daquari's by the pool, we were SO lucky to get to be with their littles!  We truly love them.

Me: "Lucy, do you need to go #1 or #2"
Lucy: " Um....100!"

Trey: "Toad, do you want to play?"
Me: "Sure. Let's play some backyard baseball."
Trey: "Toad, when you want to play homerun derby why to call it backyard baseball?"
Me: "I don't know."

And we really did have so much fun. 

I think Ethan is going to go through social withdrawl when we go home!  The boys have really been having the time of their lives...

And so have I!:)

A huge thanks to my mom and dad for taking this on & helping out with Aidan.  It was so great. We'll remembr this one forever!

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