Africa, Mary's little lamb, & Elephant Ears

{My 1st Safari}
During our trip to Oregon I decided to head off to Africa. I've never been on a safari before and thought the boys would love it.

Okay, alright already...maybe I fibbed just a little.  We DIDN'T go to Africa, but WE DID go on a wildlife safari!  My very 1st one & I loved it!

And really...we might as well have been in Africa...

We didn't need a map, because we had experienced safari tour sister in law Mary & and her wildlife sidekick Greyson!

The voyage began as we got into our safari Trail Blazer with broken air conditioning...and headed for the hills full of wild beasts!

Does anyone else think this looks like we were entering Jurassic Park? Mmmm...but at that point there was no turning back!  I knew if anything happened I would fight to the death to protect my babies...I only wished I had done a bit more...or any...weight training this summer.;)

We didn't get 100 yards into the place when we had an official ambassador from the welcoming committee greet us at our car!

Our resident head observer, Ethan, captured the essence of the moment with pen in hand!

And as we drove on I couldn't believe all of the cool wildlife just roaming around! 

For a moment I even thought that Ethan and Aidan had jumped out of the car!  Then I realized it was just 2 elephants...not boys... having a good time.

The wildlife park also had a fun petting zoo, playground, and camel rides! I knew one 5 year old that couldn't wait for a bumpy, humpy ride...

And when it comes down to it, who could resist such a face?  Calvin the camel was one of kind.  And get this...he didn't even stink!!!

I say that in all kindness really.  Those of you who have spend any time around camels know how awfully stinky they can be.   I lived in the middle east for 4 months at the BYU Jerusalem Center and we could smell camels around the corner before we ever saw them.  Yucky.

I asked the the camel guy about that and he told me that their camels don't smell because the have taken certain males parts off...and I said...hmmmm...interesting. {So males don't stink if you fix them?  Yes, interesting...}

Oh, and he said they bath them often. 

So my little Arabian knight saddled up and had the ride of his life!

{Aidan's Ride}
Don't worry. Aidan didn't miss out. He also had a fun ride at the park given by his sweet cousin Greyson!

{Turtles, Toads, & Trains}

{..the lamb was sure to go...}
Isn't it great that his mom's name is Mary?  And how about that fleece I mean face! 

This little lamb is one of kind I tell you.  This next picture isn't the best, but I wasn't quite expecting this kind of show!  I guess his mom and dad must be very affectionate...right Peter?

{Hat guy}
Peter {my brother}, Mary, and Greyson were such great hosts!  Greyson is truly quite the little character and sweet little guy.  They even exposed Ethan to a whole new world...the world of Star Wars video games.
{And when we watched the actually movie the other night he was giddy with excitement!}

{The Fair}
Peter and Mary even treated us to the biggest event of the summer in these parts.  The whole town gets put on hold.  Weeknight church activities are cancelled, closed signs are left on the doors of shops, and parking lots are filled to the brim!

And I treated myself and the boys to one of the best fair foods of all time...

If you don't know what an elephant ear is, then you'd better get out your "bucket" list. You won't be disappointed.  There's nothing like one.

Isn't fair food the best?   I never even knew meat like this existed.

{This little piggy...}
And speaking of meat...;)

These piglet were actually born at the fair just 14 hours earlier.

And Aidan was convinced they should escape.  Or wait, maybe he was going to join them.  Sometimes I wish I had a nice caged area like that!:)

{A Real Robot}
Besides riding the ferris wheel with Peter, meeting this robot was the highlight of Ethan's fair.  He could not stop thinking or talking about it.  All I could see was Rosie from the Jetsons. 

And I have to ask...what is it with guys always judging backsides? Sorry, I couldn't help myself.;)

And before we knew it we were waiting in the line to catch the next school bus back to our cars.  {Yet, another highlight for the boys!}

Thanks for a great time Peter, Mary, and Greyson!  Come visit us soon!


M Smith said...

And we loved having you guys down here! I need to get that video of Ethan's camel ride to you, and Peter still needs to edit Aidan's birthday party video. Fun, fun!

Chris & Stephanie said...

Awesome trip! I LOVE Wildlife Safari! Glad you got to experience some of the wonderfulness that is OREGON! ;o) Utah's great too!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

swtelford said...

The meat coils scare me, but those elephant ears look DELISH!!

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