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{Like Candy}


I loved reading your comments on my last post about your favorite berries/jam! Like most of you, I could eat a nice, ripe, juicy berry anytime or anyplace! 

But I think my favorite this blueberries.  Maybe its because this afternoon we just went  u-picking them...again...but really, who can resist a big old fatty berry like this:

Its like candy.

Where in the world do we find these berries?

We have our best luck out at Fordyce's Farm.  They are organic, family run, and its pretty much tradition to pick there.  If you ever want to go, let me know. I'll totally tell you where my favorite bushes are!:)

And no, Fordyce's is not located in Asia...

Bob went "u-picking" for the 1st time this summer!  Nice job, honey...

{Scare Tactics}
Do you ever wonder how the farmers keep birds from eating their berries?  {I'm sure you ponder on this often...;)} Well, check out these handy ideas.

This is a bird enemy sound maker.  So that's not the official name, but its what I call it.  It has a recording of birds' enemies that just plays over and over and scares those little beaks away!  Yes, its a little annoying to pick by, but you can sure find some great berries!

Below is a picture of what I call a bird flag.  Sorry, its so far away and hard to see...look for the skinny white pole and you can barely see it flying away.  It's pretty much a foil kite that the birds are afraid of.  Who would have guessed.

I wonder if any of these tactics would keep little hands from getting a hold of our hard-earned, hand picked berries?!

Um, the thought is nice, but I'd say the odds are slim they would work around here.  Today Aidan just grabbed by bucket while I was picking blueberries, and then sat eating them by the handfulls.  Oh well.  There's nothing like an inadvertent detox.  Celebrities pay big bucks for that type of cleansing! {giggle, giggle} Okay, I'll stop now.;)

{We {heart} Stooph}
And a big thanks to my littlest sista Steph for getting the kids these great shirts while she was in NYC!! We love them!!

{MarionBerry Jam Winner!}
And the winner of my homemade Marion Berry jam ...according to is...the 5th comment:  Melissa! Just email me with your address and you'll be licking your lips very soon!

I've been thinking...if anyone else would like to try some maybe I could mail some to you too! 

$5 plus shipping sound fair?  It would just pretty much cover the berries, jars, and mailing supplies.  Just throwing it out there!  Email me if you interested, if worries...more jam for the rest of us!:)

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M Smith said...

How in the world did Bob make it this long married to you without going berry picking?!!

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