Super Spy turns 5

Oh what do you do when your little birthday boy wants a "Super Spy" party? Get inspired by Mission Impossible & Agent "P" aka Perry the Platypus {from Phineas and Ferb} and then hope for the best!

First we had to deliver our Secret Agent invites. Ethan his friends were very excited about these. They were delivered in manilla envelopes with a return address of "Spy Headquarters" {with our address} & addressed to each Secret Agent with a "Secret Mission" sticker next to it.

Then we had to get ready for our guests! Since I made a banner for Aidan's bday, I thought Ethan would like one too. I put a picture of each year of his life on it...and no, the 2nd picture is NOT Aidan.:)

I also made a vertical "Happy Birthday" banner this time. The party bags were simple with each SA's name on front {gotta love that} but the candy wrappers on the treats made them special.

This balloon arch over the table was super easy and a hit. I just used one of those cheap *helium tanks for the balloons and then tied them about a 18 inches apart to a long piece of curling ribbon {about 12 ft}. Then I attached it diagonally to the legs of the table.
*{I used the tank sparingly and it lasted me through 3 parties! Our soccer party, Aidan's Bday, & this party!}

Upon arrival to Spy Headquarters each Secret Agent had to give the secret password from the invite: {Cake and ice-cream}, & were then given some important Spy Gear {see below}. {Ethan especially loved this.}

Once all of our SS {Secret Spies} arrived ,they had to receive their mission via a pre-recorded video message by the Spy King {aka Ethan's Dad}. {Believe me, this short "mission" video was not professional by any means but the kids LOVED it.}Then they began their mission assignments!

Mission #1: Open presents {You can guess who's idea this was to do 1st!};)
Mission #2: Spy Physical Training

{This activity is HIGHLY recommended if you have a party with alot of active kids! I think they ran around this obstacle course for 20-25 minutes. They were really ready to sit and have cake, ice-cream, and a big drink after that!}
{Could these kids be any cuter?! And I love that Hollee wore her disguise glasses the entire time.:)}
Mission #3: Cupcakes and ice-cream

{So what is the deal these days? Hardly any of these kids wanted to cake or icecream? It was the strangest thing. Maybe I'll just serve cookies or carrots next time.;)}

{If you'd like me to make you a cute face topper for $5,  just check out my PartiesUPrint Etsy shop!}

{I know, I love making these little toppers!:)} And after one big Super Spy picture pose...

And a sweet smile and "thank-you" from our gal Hollee...

Their mission was complete.

And our boy aka Code name "King of Karate" was one happy little 5 year old.
{And yes, I made his shirt. It was totally easy and he loved it.:)}



Tanya said...

amazing! i really really love everything that you did. what a lucky kid.

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh! You are the best mom! You should be a party planner. Kyler will be two next month. Wanna start with his party? :)

henline crew said...

look at you go!!! what a good party.

Jessica said...

So cute. How do you come up with all of your ideas? You are so creative!

Janas Bananas said...

That was amazing, you are soo clever..For heavens sakes, where is the great, creative, talent gene that skipped over me in this family!!????

Janette said...

I wish I lived close so I could witness all these fun things live! you are awesome. Happy Birthday Ethan!

Heather said...

We were sad all weekend to have missed the party!! Actually Anli just thinks it was "postponed" for a special party with just her and Ethan. The little white lies we have to tell to save ourselves the grief of hearing whining!! So we will have to plan the 3rd party for Ethan's Birthday...yeah!!

Andrews Family said...

What an awesome birthday party. I'm a friend of Tanya's (from BYU) and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for th Chalkboard Pumpkin idea. It was so much fun and my kids loved it! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Hey Japan! Thanks for the comment! I'm glad your kids liked the chalkboard pumpkin!:)

Grandma Bwanna said...

My gosh! You are not only a professional arty giver, but a professional blogger as well.

Unknown said...

Wow! You put a lot of time into that! The boys must have had a blast! Great party!

Kim @

Ruthie said...

I just found this post from the Creative Party Place, and I just had to tell you how much I LOVE your ideas! My son would love a party like this, thanks so much for sharing!

Kelli Fisk said...

I just have to say how much I love your ideas! I am in the process of using your owl template (amazing) to make my daughters owl mobile and then I'll probably do a couple stuffed ones also. We love owls! My son also requested a spy party and I was at a loss until I saw your wonderful ideas so thank you so much for the inspiration!

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