Family Picts

I just looked on our photographers blog and she posted a bunch of pictures of our family! She did a GREAT job. If you live in or around Southern Utah she's definitely worth checking out.

Click here and scroll down to find us...MyFramedPhotography. I hope she won't mind, but here's sneek peak at one of our family {above} that she posted!:)

Also, remember how I mentioned Aidan was having a "hard" time with the family pictures? Well, now can can see what I'm talking about.;)

I'm working on Ethan's bday post for all of you "out of towners". Last July after spending time in OR during his cousin Trey's birthday, Ethan had a clear idea of how he wanted to spend his...
1. He wanted 2 parties like Trey had--one for friends and one for family. The friend one he wanted to be a "Super Spy" party and his family one he wanted to be a "Phineas & Ferb" bash. {Yes, I really had to get creative with these random themes.;)}

2. He wanted to stay up all night on his birthday. {He made it to 10:30 and then told Bob he was going to lay in his bed, but not sleep. Thank goodness he got some shut eye.:)}

3. He wanted to be able to do whatever he wanted. {Fortunately at 5 that wasn't too bad---it pretty much meant bossing us around to play what he wanted.}

So you know where my next few posts are headed! And I didn't forget about the baby product giveaways! I'll be reviewing and giving away the Tilty sippy cups very soon!


henline crew said...

I sneaked a peek and I love them, so cute. I love you hair too. I think I am coveting the haircut. Don't be surprised if I decide to copy.

Unknown said...

The haircut is can have it. I think it would be great on you!:)

Aimee said...

Welcome home! I love your family pix! Brittany did a great job. We will be in St. George for a soccer tourny over Thanksgiving. I'm seriously considering calling her. Every picture she has posted is gorgeous. And Aidan looks great - he is smiling - what more can you ask for?? Darling family.

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