What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? Mine was attempting to be the beautiful Princess Leah. My mom took a white sheet and somehow made it look like a robe, & then she put my hair in those twisted buns. {Remember how cool they were?!} If I remember right, I was pretty persistent about wanting to have a light saber too. I thought I was the bomb.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want to hear about your favorite childhood costume.

Since you've been waiting for the "baby" giveaway {well, baby ITEM giveaway...sorry, babies are not given away on my blog}:), I thought I'd reward your patience with a Halloween drawing! All you need to do is tell me your favorite custome as a kid {in the comments} & you're entered in the drawing!

And what will you win if your name is picked?

If you can't tell {because they are so huge in the picture}, they are a set of the same cookie cutters I used in my brownie post! {On the right side bar.} I {heart} them. So think back to your younger years & let's hear about it!

{Pictures} I've been wanting to get family pictures taken for a while now. Since we haven't had family pictures in over 2 years {kids change ALOT in 2 years!} I finally made the appointment.

The crazy thing is, I can hardly wait! My cute friend Janette {she is so great! sorry, her blog is private though} had a baby not long ago and posted some picts that this photographer took. I instantly loved them.

I'd copy and paste some of her picts, but they are all copyrighted. So you'll have to go and check out her website and blog called Framed Photography. I'll let you know how our session goes!:)

Coming Up: Ethan & I have been crafting! Can't wait to show you a super fun idea...its late tonight, so maybe I'll post it tomorrow!


CassiB said...

i was a bag of jelly beans. my mom took a clear shower curtain and made a bubble dress, then filled it with balloons.

metal mama said...

i was whatever looked scary from the box of halloween costumes accompanied with a "cape" my ma made from black skirts.

my favorite costumes are the one i made my 3year old last year- a platter of sushi! and my 3 month son-chuck steak :)

Janette said...

oh my goodness you posted about me! I hope she does a good job for you!!!

Hernandez Family said...

It seems like I was always a witch for halloween but, I remember one year I was a "dead bride". I remember when moms always made halloween costumes it seems like now a days you just go to the store and buy them.

Christal said...
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Janette said...

okay well, I forgot to mention my fav costume. When I was 9 my mom made me this geanie costume. It was purple and pink shiny fabric. It was awesome.

GroverFamily said...

i love cookie cutters!

Kristin Kimber said...

i was minnie mouse and my neighbor boy was mickey mouse. They were so funny because they were the old plastic costumes from the 70's

~susie said...

My favorite cosutme was a basketball pole and net. My body was the pole and I had a rim around my neck with a real net. My head was the basketball against a big backboard. My dad even cut a basketball in half so I could wear it on my head that went right along with "spalding" written on my forehead. Too funny. Happy Halloween!

Unknown said...

LOVED the costumes!!:)

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