Although rumor had it the TV segment would air on Monday, I'm a little skeptical. Since the reporter had the last few days "off", I'm thinking that Monday probably won't be the big day. But as soon as it airs I'll be giving away some great baby stuff! I'm planning on giving away a "prize" a day. {I know you are so excited you can't stand it.:)} So, I'll keep you posted if I hear anything about GTU.

Did anyone use the conference ideas? Just wondering since there weren't any comments.

I'm so behind with blogging all of my pictures! You may be getting a blast back into summer soon.:) But until then, let's all ponder about what the future holds when we have children already more technologically advanced than many of our parents. Seriously.



Heather said...

Emily- Loved the conference ideas!! We went to the dollar store last night and bought stuff for a conference basket. I think that will be a tradition at our house now, definately a hit!!

angela said...

I used a few bingo cards for conference and printed out several pages from the other stuff as well. Thank you very much. My two boys really enjoyed it. :)

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