The lowdown

Since most of you couldn't make it to Aidan's birthday party, here's a few highlights!

{The spread}


{The streamer master}
Oh, to be 4. Birthdays are so magical. Ethan couldn't wait to help decorate and get ready for Aidan's "friends" to come. And I'm sure when Ethan helped blow out Aidan's candle his wish was his "usual" fly.


{Fun things}
Its always fun for me to get little things ready for parties. I guess its my "rec management" degree kicking in. I even tried to make fondant for the 1st wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! But don't worry, the cake boss won't have to quit his job anytime soon!:)

PS The party bags were full of the cutest mini gummy bears...just Aidan's size!


I had fun putting together this banner of pictures from each month of Aidan's little life. My how he's changed!! I think I'll hang it in his bedroom (especially since he still doesn't have any decorations.:)


{Stuff that face!}
Snaggles downed that cupcake like a pro! And you gotta love the war wound on his eye...evidently Ethan "saved" him from rolling down the stairs.


We always love when Diane comes over. She's so great for me and the kids. She brought Aidan the cutest tubtoy. Thanks Diane!


{The tigers}
Ezra (on the left) and Aidan (on the right) are about 9 months apart. It will be fun to watch them grow together! (Ezra is Matt & Kathryn's sweet 3 month old.)


{The Best Part!!}
The best part was (of course) one happy little 1 year old. :)



JaNece said...

You are the cutest, most creative chica ever! I love all the decor for the party and all the other fun, crafty things you do. I love your blog. You rock girl!!!!!!!

Christi said...

I love all the party decorations and cake! What a great looking party! Happy Birthday Aidan!

Tanya said...

he is one lucky sweet little guy. i love it all! way too cute em!

Dawn said...

Cute! I am totally going to use all your ideas for Kyler's next party :)

MeckMom said...

Those face cupcake toppers are awesome. My little guy's first birthday is coming up and I can't wait to make them. Thanks so much for sharing such a simple yet fantastic idea!

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