{TT} "Free" dryer sheets

Can you believe I haven't made a post in 3 days?! Yes, I'm settling back into my usual routine, and I'm trying to get back to my {TT} Toad's Tips on Tuesdays. I don't even know if anyone reads or cares about these little tips, but its fun to for me to do.

My latest excitement as the "keeper of the laundry" is that I found Bounce "Free" dryer sheets!

These are dryer sheets without any dyes or fragrances! This is huge for us since our little family are the masters of the itchy, scratchy, eczema ridden dry skin. If you or your kids have sensitive skin you know what I am talking about. Bob and I both have super dry skin and Ethan has a topical prescription ointment that he's had to use since he was tiny. Since we live in a dry climate & our water is hard (I swear it comes right out of the great Salt Lake.:) our skin really takes takes a beating.

We've used the "free" detergent since I can remember, but haven't been able to use dryer sheet because they can be pretty hard on the skin. So, if you have tender skin in your family or just want to avoid the smelly "toxins" that can come from the dyes/perfumes this is your lucky day!! Or maybe I've just been in the dark...:)


Jenn said...

I just happened to see your post. I will have to try those. I too have problem skin, my kids are dveloping as well?(from the same source as our water, "lake water") So thanks for the nice find.

Siri said...

Thanks Em! Darren would appreciate this product. He's always itchy and scratchy too! =)

Hernandez Family said...

I enjoy TT!

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