OR Trip Part 4:"The Fruitstand"

The Fruitstand

There's a sweet little fruitstand on the way back from the beach {you locals know the one...just out of West Salem}. I remember as a kid stopping there for the best fresh milkshakes ever.


So as we were headed back from our 1st beach trip we stopped at "The Fruitstand" and I could hardly recognize the place! It had a little "makeover" and it couldn't be cuter. What used to be just a simple milkshake stand turned into this quaint little store.


The fresh fruit and vegetable looked (& tasted) amazing.


I couldn't take enough pictures of all of the sweet little things they had.




And the best part...


If you love fresh berries (blueberries, marion berries, strawberries, etc) mixed into freshly made soft serve ice cream you'd probably love it too!
And yes, we've already been twice...and will probably have to unbutton our pants again before this trip is over.:)


Daisha said...

I haven't had a shake from the Fruitstand since i was a kids- they really are the best summer treat ever! Looks like your trip to oregon has been amazing!

Lindsay said...

Ah...love this place! Right out in our neck o' the woods :) You got some great pictures. The little restaurant there has super yummy (and super fattening) food. Not a salad on the menu, but such great burgers.

Tanya said...

these pictures are so darn great! i love them.

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