OR Trip Part 1

Growing up in the NW I took for granted the green, mild summers filled with long days of running and playing & eating the yummiest fruit ever. Now, I can't get enough. This time my little trip to OR will be over 3 weeks when its all said and done. So buckle those safety belts...I'm going to be a blogging fool!


Oregon summers=The best berries on the planet.


Nevermind the countless hours I spent each morning during my summer break trying to earn money by picking berries...I'm not bitter. Even though it was back breaking work (especially picking those darn strawberries)--the fringe benefits were totally worth it. {I think they lost more $ in the amount I would eat vs. how much I would pick.} Getting paid "by the pound" wasn't much motivation either...the biggest and juiciest berries always went right to my tummy.:)


As soon as we got to parents house we ran to the raspberries. Even Aidan got in on the action...he knew exactly what to grab and put in his mouth!

And later, I couldn't find Bob. I came around the corner and there he was...my big bear eating those yummy berries.:)

Next stop: Blueberries! We'll be headed out to our favorite U-pick place...Fordyce's....ASAP! And hopefully in a few weeks we'll get the wild blackberries before we leave. MMMMmmmm.

Coming soon...the fruitstands, the beach, camping, and other fun stuff!


The Hansens said...

I am SO jealous! I remember staying the night at your house and raiding the freezer at night for the biggest blueberries I have ever seen! To this day it is my favorite summer treat. We have several U-pick places here in Vancouver too, so I will now be raiding them!

Siri said...

Man! I'm hungry now!! ;)

the Skips said...

EM, YOU"RE HERE!!!!!! We have to meet up. I would LOVE to see you! i work tomorrow but i'll be hunting you down!

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