The Stooph

After our big trip to the homeland I decided I take too much for granted here on the homefront. So without further ado, I'm to blog about the things I love about living in Utah.

We LOVE this girl. This is my youngest sister Stephanie. We are 11 years apart--so when I left for BYU she was 7. Needless to say our relationship has evolved over the years! She was always such a sweet little thing, & now its been great living by her in Utah. (She's about 20 minutes away from us.)


My sis is studying to be an RN and likes working on the shock/trama floor of a local hospital. {I don't know how she does it--the stories she tells are great though.} She's playing on a soccer team with a bunch of friends from work...we went to her game on Tuesday night and that's where I took this picture. What a cute gal.

Lately we've had so much fun BBQing hotdogs & checking out different pools around. She is so great to swim with Ethan & take him down the slides going super fast. The boys LOVE her.

I also give her credit for trying to keep me "hip". (My crazy dancing at the Kenny Chesney concert doesn't count...I didn't know how bad it was until after.) And even though she likes to poke fun at me (she can't help herself) she is so fun to have around. The other day Ethan told her not to get married...I think he wants to keep her to himself. She is such a great friend to me & aunt to the boys.

We {heart} Stooph!


Aimee said...

My baby sister is 8 years younger than me. She was blessed the same day I was confirmed. When I went to Connecticut to nanny - she was 11. When I got married - she was 13. My kids have always loved her the most. Unfortunately, she got married. jk :) She has been married for 4 years now and in March she just had her first babe. Now we hog her baby.

I have a big sister that is 3 years older than me and my kids call her the "favorite aunt" even though they adore both of my sisters.

I heart sisters, too.

Hernandez Family said...

Oh, now I want a sister! PS stephs hair looks cute that color!

Megan Marie said...

Stooph is my favorite thing about Utah! For sure!

the Skips said...

Em, how did you get that picture of Steph to post so big? i can't figure out how to get them that big?

Tanya said...

love that stooph!

Tanya said...

love that stooph!

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