Run home!

The future of baseball lies in the hands of our little men...yes, little guys like these ones. But you have to start somewhere, right?

I think my mom has spent more time at the baseball and softball fields watching all of us kids play than she has grocery shopping over the years. Yes, that's alot. So sticking these 2 cousins into a "baseball camp" was a no brainer.


Today was the 1st day of camp & I LOVED watching this group of 4&5 year olds being "coached" by the local high school players. I tried to work with Ethan a bit before the camp, but taking guidance from mom and dad aren't too effective in our home. (Homeschooling is definitely out for us!:) So, I figured its just for fun and hopefully he'll have a good time and want to play more. But maybe I should have gone over a few things...

Towards the end of the camp I watched Ethan hit the ball off the tee and start to run the bases. I looked away for a minute to watch Trey on the other field and when I looked back at Ethan he was running to me. He had taken off his baseball hat and was scratching his head. I figured he wanted me to hold the hat for him, and said, "Did you come to give me the hat?" and he said, "No, the guy told me to run home."

I guess I should be glad he didn't try to run all the way back to Utah!:) Aw, Ethan. Love that kid.


Siri said...

"Run Home" ... hahaha so so so ADORABLE!!! I love it! Cute little kid!

Hernandez Family said...

Cute. He conciders you home!

Janas Bananas said...

I bet you are loving bing home..I didn't even live there and I love going back and smelling the air and the just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy!!! Have fun!

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