Spring Cookie Cutter Collage "How To"

As many of you may know, Ethan LOVES doing anything that involves cutting...

So, while doing my spring cleaning I came across a few things that I thought would make a fun afternoon project for us to do! This is what I found--

#1 Fun spring scrapbooking paper my dad had given me for Christmas about 3 years ago.
#2 An old canvas that used to be my Grandmas. (I bet you could use a heavier paper or poster board too.)

Excited about my fun "finds"... I had Bob watch the boys, grabbed my 40% off coupon for Michaels, got some Mod Podge, and went for it!

Here's our play by play:

We grabbed that cute paper,

and our Spring cookie cutters:

Then we traced the cookie cutters to make some fun "spring" shapes,

and we drew some different designs too! (Like leaves, grass, flowers, you get the idea...)

Cutting them out came next:

Then we coated the canvas with Mod Podge,

put the paper designs on the canvas,

and applied another coat of Mod Podge:

Then I added a simple border to give it a more "finished look" & to cover the sides of the canvas:

And Tah Dah! Our little masterpiece...


Dori said...

So simple I love it..I don't scrapbook but wish I had some reason to buy cute paper. Thanks for sharing!

Lindsay said...

This is so cute and simple...my 5 year old would be really into this. I love that it is something we could do together. It would be fun to make one for every season to display on that little easel!

Also...I've gotta try those bird nest cookie treats! YUM!

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