One more shot

Here's one more chance to win a headband!
(Yes, I'm going to give away 2!)
The winner will be 1st person to guess the correct answer (put it in the comments) of what they think this little blue thing that Ethan BEGGED me to make is!
Even if you don't want a headband you can still guess if you want to.
Well, except Tanya-she already knows what it is.:)

I'll announce both winners tomorrow (Thursday) evening. Can't wait!

P.S. I put the wrong video on the last comments should make more sense now!:)


Anita said...

I don't have enough hair for a headband, but I'm guessing that this thing you made is a wristband for him.

swtelford said...

So, Sydney guesses that it's a snuggie.

But she is queen of commercial watching and then informing me that our lives are terrible without whatever it's advertising.

Dang, now she is going to want one for her dolls....

Christi said...

Is it a tiny sleeping bag?

Jessica said...

Is it a blue scrubber (ya know - to help mom with the dishes)?

Tanya said...

i love that thing!

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