I just can't get enough!

Yesterday I got together with a dear friend named Siri. We were talking and she said, "I know all mothers love their kids, but I can't imagine anyone loving their kids more than I love mine." I thought it was so sweet and true...doesn't every mother feel that way?

I never imagined in a million years that I could ever love little people like I love Ethan and Aidan. Every night I thank my Heavenly Father for being so blessed to have them in my life. I really just can't get enough of them!

Don't feel like you have to read all of this cheesy "mom" stuff...I just wanted to blog about a few little things so that I never forget them. I know one day when the boys are grown I will miss these "moments" dearly.

Aidan is nearly 8 months now and is a funny little guy. He's at this great phase where he can sit and amuse himself with toys (or Ethan), but he hasn't started crawling so I still have a life.:)

I love to put this basket full of toys by him and watch him go through each one, examine it closely paying special attention to the "tags", and then putting them aside to get the next thing he thinks is interesting and wants to shove in his mouth.
I also love how he waits for us to look at him and he'll flash this super smile and "say" something to us. I'm sure if he could talk he'd give us a piece of his little mind.:)

Towards the end of the day (usually right before bathtime) I love to give Aidan a biter biscut or some frozed blueberries in a little "net" thing and let him go for it. He loves it.

I can't get enough of this kid. I have to kiss him every chance I get.

Its amazing how 2 little guys can love eachother so much. Except for the day when Ethan was "play fighting" and kicked Aidan right in the head...they enjoy eachothers company. Well, Aidan is a tough little man--Bob loves that about him--and Ethan may have to watch his back one day.:)

Speaking of Ethan...This kid is so great. Every morning I love when he crawls into bed with me so we can cuddle before the day starts. He'll tell me about the "dreams" he has or whatever is on his mind.

The other day he pulled out this bike pump and told me that I didn't have to "pump" anymore because he's taking care of it.:)

Last week he wanted a friend to come over but it "wasn't a good day". So he asked me if it "wasn't a good day" because it was rainy outside. The next day was suppose to be sunny so he told me "tomorrow will be a good day!"

He STILL loves trains...his latest love is Geotrax.

Here he is at our garage sale selling brownies. He saves every penny he gets in his Nemo piggybank. Right now he is trying to save to buy more Geotrax trains since the helicoptor at Costco "costs too much".

Ethan has a great imagination...Can you guess what is pictured below?

This would be Ethan's puppy (the ball) on a leash (the yellow rope and back bag handle from a duffel bag) eating out of his dog bowl. Yes, the dog poops (Ethan loves that he can say it without getting in trouble) and no, he can't figure out how to get the rope off of Aidan's Jumperoo.

If we could just freeze time...but have babies be potty trained.:)

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Anita said...

Emily, this was a great post! I love reading about your boys and how cute they are. They both sound like a lot of fun!

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