Monkey Business

No, I'm not talking about Aidan this time! I'm talking about this little monkey who is actually 4 days older than Aidan. When Aidan was about 3 weeks old we took him to the zoo for the 1st time & that was when we met our little friend. He was SO cute and tiny. I could totally relate to his Mom as we watched him climb all over her nursing and loving her.

The next time we went "the boys" were about 2 months old. By that time he had started wrestling and playing with his older brother...or at least his brother wanted him to! (Once again, sounding very familiar to what was happening at our home!)When we went to the zoo the other day I guess our little monkey friend couldn't resist saying "Hi" to Ethan (and his friend Ethan K.), and he jumped right up to them! I wonder what our little friend will be doing next time we visit...

And this has nothing to do with it, but I wanted to post this picture taken last weekend when we had "cousins" time. For the past 2 years Margo has brought up the Katznbachs to play and have fun with us. Once again it was great!! And look how cute Kathryn looks! Only 8 more weeks until our mini-Mattie is here! Love it!

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