Open House

Growing up in Draper,
Bob never imagined one day there would be a Temple built there!!
And today we had the chance to visit the Draper Temple during the Open House!

For those familiar with the Bible, Temples are used for worship throughout time. One great talk expounding on this is by E. Talmadge : The History of Temples.

This will be the 129th Temple in the see where other Temples are click here.

If you haven't been yet, you have to go! People from any or no faith can appreciate the architecture and symbolism involved in this beautiful building. For me, I loved the use of natural light inside which can be symbolic of the Savior being the light of the world.

This is what Ethan liked about our visit: (This was taken while we were waiting for the bus to get back to our car).

Because people are usually very curious about our Temples, here are a few answers...for more you can go to the Church website :

Will members of the public ever see the inside of the temple?

Yes. After the temple is completed, there will be an organized open house (typically multiday) for the general public. During the open house, information will be provided to explain the different functions and ceremonies performed in the temple and answer questions. After the open house, the temple will be dedicated to the Lord and open only to worthy Church members.

What is the difference between a temple and a meetinghouse?

Regular Sunday worship, instruction and other social and recreational activities occur in Latter-day Saint meetinghouses, or chapels. In temples, on the other hand, faithful members receive specific instruction about the purpose of life and their relationship to God. There they take part in family-oriented ordinances, both for themselves and in behalf of deceased ancestors. Sacred ordinances available only in temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally.

For more answers to FAQ click here.

Needless to say, it was a great chance to go inside with the kids and feel the Lord's Spirit there.

To answers other questions about our Faith click here.

We are so blessed to have this great House of the Lord so close to us!


melissa merrill said...

What a fun experience! You are a great blogger. I love to read all of your posts. Keep them coming!

Tanya said...

what a beautiful temple. how special that you all got to go as a family. loved these pictures they are great. makes me want to go to the temple and feel that peace that i always feel when i am there.

Suzie said...

Where did you get your tickets? I want to go to the Temple open house out by Daybreak when that comes around but I don't know where to get tickets.

Siri said...

"The pictures of Jesus Christ" ... How sweet is that!?! That's what it's all about! Thanks for sharing. So sweet.

Anonymous said...


soy de mexico andaba viendo tu blog y despues vi una entrada hacerca del templo y me quede asi de woaw yo tambien soy de la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias espero que estes bien y la entrada al templo se siente magnifico no sabria como explicarlo :)

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