And the winners are...

#1) I appreciate your kinds words of encouragement and support in the comments .
(Sometimes I have these ideas and I think they're cool, but you never know if others will like them!)
I've been wearing a new one I made today and loving it:

#2) Next, I'm so excited to announce the headband winners!
(I never win anything I if you didn't win don't be too discouraged-its just fun, right?:)

The winners are... Katie & Christi K.!

Katie won the drawing & Christi guessed what the little blue thing was...a sleeping bag! (Loved all the guesses by the way...)

I know the winners will be excited to know that they get to pick which headband they want! I've been sewing like a mad women when the boys are in bed at night. (And loving it.)

These were all made out of Alexander Henry or Amy Bulter fabrics.
(Love them-thanks to
Tanya for introducing me to them!)

Winners, just let me know what number you'd like by email: Here are your choices...
(FYI- Some of the headbands are in more than 1 picture so you could really see them.)

1 (from the 1st post)
2 3 4 1

4 1 2 3

5 (blue) 6 (pink) 7 (green./brown)

I have to confess... I made double of most of these so I could keep them for myself.:) Don't fret if you didn't win one... after the winners pick the ones they want I'll probably put the rest on
ETSY to sell for $6.
If you want me to make or sell you one just let me know- I'm sure we can work something out.

Also: I have a few more fun ideas I'm excited about. I'm working on them as we speak! So I have a feeling more drawings will be coming!
PS I'm loving * helps me earn a little cash to fund my creative bug.

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Tanya said...

congrats to the winners!

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