I remember when...

My how life changes in just a few years! Not so long ago i remember when...

  • picking a restaurant wasn't based on the play place
  • taking a shower wasn't a public affair
  • the only "pumping" i did was at the gas station
  • going to the store wasn't like going off to battle
  • getting dressed up didn't mean not wearing a ponytail
  • getting to the gym was easy & working out wasn't like watching the "Biggest Loser"
  • being on time didn't bring such a sense of accomplishment
  • 30 seemed old
  • sleeping through the night was a common occurrence
  • I could recognize the latest "hit" on the radio
  • staying up late meant after 10 PM
  • I had no idea how much love i could have for 2 little guys...(& one big man)
  • life was a beach...

  • But now I wouldn't have it any other way! (Well, most things...:)


    Liz said...

    Your little boys are so beautiful. It's fun to see what you are up to!
    Have a great day-

    Brian said...

    I hear you Sister!! Nothing could ever make me LOVE sleep more than having kids. That is one of my 3 wishes a good nights sleep for the rest of my life. (and I swear I could still be tired.!!) But I am with you 100%, but I need to add 2 adorable girls too!!!

    Lindsay said...

    Hey Emily, this was fun to read and oh, so true!

    I love all your fun ideas here. I think I'll have to try the heart brownie idea with my kids...those look yummy!

    Your boys are adorable!

    Siri said...

    Hilarious! You have always been so funny witty and smart. Amen to what you said!! Love it.

    Tanya said...

    k i have been waiting for this post and it was worth the wait! so funny!

    Tanya said...

    i am requesting a post of all pictures of aidan. a video too of all the funny things he is doing.

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