Let's get her a baby!!

You may have noticed on the right side of my blog I have a little picture of my great friend Siri and her sweet family. Let me tell you about her...

I've known Siri for about 10 years now (wow! time flies!). We actually met in the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo, UT as we were both preparing to enter the mission field.

I liked Siri as soon as I met her. She was so genuine, sweet & soft spoken, but was very firm in her convictions and love for the Lord and His work. I was impressed with her kindness and ability to make people feel loved even though she hadn't known them very long.

While being missionaries only a few months, Siri & I were called to be missionary companions. (This basically means we were assigned to "buddies" day and night. Not only for protection as we went out to teach the Gospel, but because the Lord has commanded, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established." 2 Corinthians 13:1) Being with Siri was truly a blessing in my life as she taught me so many things by her example.

In the crown at the top of the Statue of Liberty.

It was during this time we spent together that I learned more about her. Dancing is a big part of her life. She was a ballerina for many years and was also on the University of Utah's drill team. She could also down a Big Mac-- but you'd never guess it with her cute petite frame. (Can you tell I was jealous...as I sat eating my small garden salad.:) She is also funny...I remember laughing and joking around so much that I had tears!

After her mission she married a great guy (enter Darren) & they started their family. As you can see they have been blessed with 2 beautiful girls...however only after Siri has almost had to give her life for them. I've never known anyone who gets as sick with HG as Siri (extremely ill...some women actually die from this). While pregnant she needs constant care (which includes moving in with her mom), and has an IV at home that keeps her from dehydrating and pretty much keeps her alive. Unfortunately she still has serious health conditions that have stemmed from pregnancies that she may have for the rest of her life.

So, to make a short story long...Siri and her little family would love to add another little one to their lives! Please keep her in mind if you hear of anyone who may be in a situation (for whatever reason) where they may want to have a better life for precious little one. As some of you know, adopting a baby is not easy. The Elkins home would be a wonderful place for a special child to become a part of a super family.

Let's get this gal a baby!! For more info. you can visit their bio on their adoption website.


melissa merrill said...

You are an awesome friend! I love both of you girls so very much!

Siri said...

Em ... I don't know what to say. I can't believe it. I don't know what I ever did to gain a friend like you. I guess, just a blessing from above. I love you. Thank you! It means so much.
P.S. Darren says thank you too!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this for Siri and Darren. They are so sincere in their desire to enlarge their family while keeping Siri healthy and strong enough to care for them...so adoption really is the only viable option. Hope the word continues to spread. P.S. So fun to see your missionary pics together! Love, Siri's Mom.

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