Grandma Ashby

I'd forgotten about this. I posted this back in 2007 on our "family blog" before we all started our own. I thought someone might like it so here you go!

"So, the other day after swimming we went to MCD with Ethan's Great-grandma Ashby (pictured above). As we passed by the "Red Box" video rental Ethan stopped when he saw Curious George. Then he point to the "Man of the Year" cover below then turned to his great grandma and said, "This is you!"

We all had a good laugh."


the Skips said...

toooooooooooooo funny.

melissa merrill said...

That is hilarious! Kids are so funny!

Tanya said...

ha ha i remember that. that is too good.

swtelford said...

That is FUNNY!!! I love it!

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