Ear Warmer Tutorial

Let's keep those ears warm! Here's the simple tutorial!

1) Measure the head that will be wearing the ear warmer & cut your fleece to the same length. (An average women's head is 22 inches). Then cut the fleece 6 inches wide.

2) Fold the right sides of the fleece together and sew a 5/8 inch seam line.

3) Cut off the excess material as close to the seam as you can (approx 1/8 inch).

4) Turn the material inside out and stitch straight down about 5/8 inch on both sides of the headband. (This is more for decoration so you can pick a zigzag or wavy stitch if you want. I used a close wavy stitch on this one.)

5) Stitch the ends together. I put the edges together and used a zigzag stitch.

6) Pick your design. You can use whatever shape or material you'd like, but I chose a flower on fleece.

7) Stitch the material together with a basic zigzag stitch.

8) Cut the excess material off.

9) Stitch the design to the headband. I did this using the center of the flower.

10) Yahoo! Your ears will never be cold again!!

Feel free to email me with any questions you have!! toadstreasures@yahoo.com

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Tanya said...

looks great! saw the one in your etsy shop. love the picture and the headband. it's my favorite so far!

Suzanne in TX said...

Thanks for the great and easy tutorial. Love your choice of fabrics, too!

Amanda @ www.kiddio.org said...

I've been wanting to make something like this, but wasn't quite sure where to start. Great tutorial, I'm inspired!

Amanda @ www.kiddio.org / www.housemade.org

aunt choody said...

I love them! So cute!

Stacey @ Fun to Craft said...

These are too cute! You are darling too. Love your blog!

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